Intellectual Patent & Awards


Hand Socket Lid - Malaysia


  • Reducing friction to allow smoother contact between two contact surfaces
  • Enabling high compression force to be effected by a single hand pain-free

Patent Number: MY-155594-A
Grant Date: 13/11/2015
Country: Malaysia

Hand Socket Lid - US


  • Reducing friction to allow smoother contact between two contact surfaces
  • Enabling high compression force to be effected by a single hand pain-free.

Patent Number: US 8,523,591 B2
Grant Date: 3/9/2013
Country: US

Eco Contactor


  • Provide epoxy-sealed contactor to achieve 100% shielding factor and insulative material inserted into the contactor to prevent the signal pins from being shorted to ground.
  • Improve shielding against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in electronic devices reduced forces for attaining and maintaining effective shielding contact

US Patent Number: : 8,210,875 B2
Grant Date: 03/7/2012
Country: US

Hybrid Contactor


  • Provide ground plane to shield the signal pin by a middle plate embedded in between to provide a more efficient control of the impedance of the pins and reduce the inductance of power pins
  • Reduce signal mismatch during signal transmission
  • Enhance overall performance of the probe pin in supporting high data transfer rate.

Patent Number: MY-145970-A
Grant Date: 31/5/2012
Country: Malaysia

Offset Taper Spring


  • Reducing and stabilizing the electrical resistance
  • Prolonging the lifespan of probe pin

Patent Number: US 8083552 B2
Grant Date: 27/ 12/ 2011
Country: US
Patent Applied & Registered in Japan & Taiwan

Single Ended Flange Probe


  • Improve probe construction rigidity with built-in flange for preload
  • Enable low electrical contact resistance and stability with single barrel body
  • Interchangeable plunger design
  • Longer pin lifespan

Patent Number: MY – 138796 - A
Grant Date: 31/ 07/ 2009
Country: Malaysia
Patent Applied & Registered in Japan & Taiwan

BiTS China – Best Presentation

TTSG has been awarded the best presentation for our technical presentation entitled "Study of Probe Pin Internal Resistance" during BiTS China held on 13th September, 2016. The presentation shared the results of the challenges in measuring the contact resistance between the parts in probe pins.

BiTS China – Premier Sponsor for the Second Year

TTSG has received an award of appreciation for being a Premier Sponsor of BiTS China in Suzhou in 2016. This marked the second year that TTS Group has been the Premier Sponsor of this prominent event to share the latest insights in test strategies in the semiconductor and related industries.

Broadcom – Award for the Best in Class Sockets & Pins

TTSG was honoured by Broadcom Infrastructure Networking Group's Physical Layer (PHY) with an award in recognition of our collaboration to deliver the best in class sockets & pins. The award reflected the confidence of our customers in the quality of our sockets and pins.

BiTS - Premier Sponsor

TTSG sincerely appreciate the award received from BiTS in token of being a Premier Sponsor for the event held on 21st October, 2015. We believed the opportunity given in sponsoring BiTS Workshop event has opened the door for TTSG in comprehend our current market demand and the prospect of emerging the technology by providing quality products that meet our customer’s needs.

Broadcom Award - Top 500 Company

TTSG has received an award from Broadcom Inc, a fortune 500 company, in recognition of our outstanding service and support to them. The recognition is yet another affirmation of TTSG’s capability in delivering its commitment of on-time delivery and consistent quality products to support our customer’s needs.